About Us

DemoFlick = Custom Made Explainer Videos!

Who is DemoFlick?

Our story is quite simple.
We’re owned by NextTraffic, a marketing and PR agency based in Boston, MA. A few “creatives” from within NextTraffic started producing video content for our clients back in 2007. Over the years, the content started to evolve. We experimented with using animation to tell our clients’ stories. It was always creative and engaging. But, as we honed our skills, we realized how much our clients were digging our video content. So, we decided to spin off this service as it’s own brand and call it DemoFlick. Which basically means Demonstration Films for Websites, or, as it’s commonly known these days, Animated Explainer Videos or Demo Videos. We launched DemoFlick in 2011, and we’ve been producing ultra-engaging videos ever since. We’ve worked with all kinds of companies from big to small, both B2B and consumer-oriented, helping them drive their brands forward and convert more visitors.


We do it all, from detailed How It Works videos to high level Value Proposition videos. Our style can vary from funny to serious, very cartoony to stick figure to 3D. As we’ve helped hundreds of companies tell their story, one common question always emerges: “How do I better explain our message…so it’s easy to understand and engaging?” This is what we do. It’s really quite simple.

We combine strong messaging, interesting talent, ridiculously cool animation, and a lot of care for all kinds of companies so their messages are clear and memorable. Our team is made up Illustrators, Animators/Motion Designers, Copywriters, Support, and Strategy folks. We pay close attention to the details, and we love to build great video content that help push our client’s message forward and ultimately drive more conversions.

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