30 Second Explainer Video vs. 90 Second Explainer Video: What Video Length is Better?

With a thorough explanation serving as the explainer video’s ultimate goal, selecting the right video length for your explainer video is easy to identify.

30 Second Explainer Video vs. 90 Second Explainer Video – What length should an explainer video be? That question is one that has been discussed in studios, boardrooms, and beyond since videos — particularly marketing videos — began being posted online.

In the case of standard videos, there are several common practices. Marketers and video producers design to fit the most information into the shortest video length possible. The less, the merrier for standard online videos as viewers’ attention is constantly being competed for.

For explainer videos, though, selecting video length is a bit more strategic. In the end, the goal of an animated explainer video is to, well, explain. The video should present the value proposition of the product or service it’s presenting and should do so clearly, efficiently, and effectively. With a thorough explanation serving as the explainer video’s ultimate goal, selecting the right length for your explainer video is a bit different than simply keeping as short as possible.

At DemoFlick, we typically produce videos in two lengths: 30 and 90 seconds.

There are clear benefits to both, and we’ve built thousands for our many clients. Here is a breakdown of our best and the reasoning for their chosen lengths. Use this background when selecting your explainer video’s length.


30 Second Video Length


Many clients opt for us to apply our full-service production to build a 30 second explainer video. In many cases, these clients repurpose the explainer video in other facets of their marketing strategies. Explainer videos can work extremely well as pre-roll advertising assets. Explainer videos running 30-seconds can also help inbound prospects and leads as landing page content within a digital marketing campaign. Finally, due to the shorter production time, 30 second explainer videos are typically more cost effective than 90 second explainer videos.

Here are three 30-second (or less) videos we’ve produced for clients:

Pre Roll Explainer Video | Office Depot from demoflick on Vimeo.


Office Depot Online Returns:

Part of a much larger project with the huge office supply retailer, this short explainer video we produced a 20-second version of a video explaining the client’s flexible return policy. This version gave Office Depot more flexibility and mileage out of the video.

Animated Explainer Video with Stylized Screenshots | Imagely from demoflick on Vimeo.

Imagely Pro Plugin:

When it comes to software, Saas products, and other technical products, explaining and presenting value in an efficient manner can be a challenge. With Imagely, we were up for that challenge. We built a 30-second video highlighting the key aspects of Imagely’s new pro version of its WordPress plug-in.

Pre Roll Ad (20 Seconds) – Explainer Video from demoflick on Vimeo.

MyFresh Shirt:

In even a 20-second video, it’s possible to pull out the key value proposition of a service and showcase the brand. That was the aim of the short video we produced for MyFresh Shirt, a laundry app.

In all of the examples above, the goal was clear: get to the point. The products and services presented in the 30 second explainer videos were all easy to understand, which enabled us to drive home value in the shorter time frame.

90 Second Video Length

Unlike the 30 second examples above, some clients require more time to tell the story of their products or services. We’ve produced videos for some clients that showcased products that disrupt industries. These types of videos require the additional time to highlight the challenge a specific product is providing a solution for.

Explainer videos running 90 seconds also serve as great content for homepages and landing pages and provide the opportunity to fully describe a product. We’ve had the opportunity to produce many 90 second explainer videos for clients, including:

Voicera | Animated Character Explainer Video from demoflick on Vimeo.


When Voicera launched Eva, its virtual meeting assistant, it solved a problem many people suffered from, but the service was virtually unknown. And, while the problem it solved — inefficient collaborative meetings — was a common issues for businesses across the world, there were unknowns surrounding its value. We understood this while producing a 90 second explainer video to show how Eva solves bad meetings, integrates with other business platforms

Animated Training Video | Sterno from demoflick on Vimeo.


With Sterno, we used the longer time to navigate through and clearly present the importance of safety when cooking. This problem is solved, in part, by Sterno’s products.

Animated Graphics Video | Covisint from demoflick on Vimeo.


The internet of things is a relatively new term for many folks. Understanding that, you could bet that the importance of securely managing information shared amongst the internet of things, is even more of an unknown. Producing a 90 second explainer video rather than a 30 second video for client Covisint allowed us to present the “why” before presenting the “what.”

As mentioned, choosing a 30 second explainer video or 90 second video isn’t as easy as asking, “which one is better.” Instead, selecting which length to use should be based upon what your video’s goals are, the message you’re communicating, and the assets within your brand.


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