animated video production

Animated Video Production

Get a custom animated video production.

If you’re here you probably understand that a custom animated video for your website can communicate your message in a way that the written word cannot. If you didn’t already know it, animated video production uses compelling imagery, voiceover and music to create a simple message you can use for a marketing presentation,  website, email campaign or tradeshow. When done right, an animated web video will help your visitors become and stay engaged with your brand. At DemoFlick, we use 3D computer animation to help organizations explain how their business, products or services work, typically in 90 seconds or less. Our formula for successful web video production includes four distinct ingredients.

1. Custom animations and settings

2. A powerful script that quickly and simply tells your story

3. A voiceover that complements your brand and message

4. Unique sound effects and music track selected to fit your message

Here’s a taste of the custom animated videos we’ve created; you can find many more on our portfolio page. For pricing and more information about production schedules, please fill out our web video production request form.

More great educational content available on our blog.

My DigiStuff Animated Demo Video

Content Shelf V3.0 Animated Explainer Video

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