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Blockchain Explainer Video – 2 Examples to Inspire You

In recent weeks we have produced several cryptocurrency explainer videos for various tokens and exchanges.  Most are still in production, so we will be releasing those videos once they are fully baked.  But, we did recently complete a blockchain explainer video for our friends over at Theta Token.  This token can only be purchased internationally but it’s got a ton of potential and it was created by  The key is explaining blockchain so it’s easy to understand for the masses.  Not everyone understands blockchain & cryptocurrency so being able to break it down to very basic terms is key.  Just like any motion graphics or animation video that we produce we pay a ton of attention to the details.  See more of our work here.


Blockchain Explainer Video Examples:


CoinLaunch – BlockChain Explainer Video –  In this example we used motion graphics, icons, and interesting animation movements to help drive the story.  A strong script will help any project head in the right direction and that’s exactly what we had with the CoinLaunch video.  It’s alway important in producing an animation to start with a strong script that nails the message and lays the foundation for the animation.  Next up, design and illustration.  In the CoinLaunch example, we emulated a blockchain and various token to help tie in the video.  We used a voice talent that fit the demographic.  Young, informed, and tech savvy.



Theta Token –  A Block Chain Explainer Video –  We produced this video for our friends over at Theta Token.  We used character icons here to help drive the story.  Not only was this video very effective at helping Theta Token explain their message clearly. But, they came back to us recently and asked us to update it with new figures and totals.  You never want your video to go stale and in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency things are changing fast.  So, updating your video regularly with current figures is key.

Erik Kretschmar

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