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Why Choose DemoFlick to Produce your Explainer Video?

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There are many reasons to choose DemoFlick.  Here are 12 great reasons to choose us produce your explainer video.  Still have questions?  Visit our portfolio to see our work.


  1. Award Winning – We are a National Award Winning Video Explainer Video Production Company.
  2. Custom, Custom, Custom – We provide 100% custom artwork based on our clients brand, services, target demographic and style of video they like.  We do NOT use stock imagery or reuse artwork from previous videos (this statement reference our Tier 1 and Tier 2 product),
  3. Range of Style – You’ll notice companies have a VERY whimsical approach to their videos, meaning they are extremely “cartoony”.  While we do include some humor in our videos based on client preferences, our style is more business professional and it is how we are positioned in the industry.  It’s important to note we take a very in-depth look into your services to recommend a style that’s a best fit for you based on your goals and objectives, and also take into account your target demographic.  We do not have a cookie-cutter approach, each project is unique.  Whether it’s a slick motion design video or a animated explainer video with characters.
  4. Storytelling/Messaging- We have writing engaging videos scripts for 11+ years, so we know what works.  Some companies have excellent graphics but their messaging is flat, therefore the video is a wasted investment.  Messaging, specifically for video, is as equally as important as the content used in the video.
  5. Production Process/Approach- We have a detailed creative process whereby we get a clear understanding of your services and what you’re wanting to accomplish.  You’re assigned a dedicated video strategist that is your point of contact throughout the process.  As we are producing your project we routinely show updates to assure you and your team are satisfied, and we can then make edits as needed before proceeding further.  This is crucial when considering an investment where custom artwork is used and serves as a checks and balances whereby we know your expectations are being met throughout the production process.
  6. Video Length- We offer up to 80 seconds as part of our explainer video package.  Research indicates that 72-74 seconds is optimal in terms of engagement and conversion.  Most companies have a 60 and 90 second rate, and charge significantly more for the 90 second option.  This approach isn’t fair as the sweet spot is approximately: 75 – don’t get sucked into the bait and switch whereby these companies are profiting knowing the video will exceed 60 seconds.
  7. Consultative Approach – Aside from just producing the video and delivering you the files, we help with ideas around promotion- it’s very important.  For example, once your explainer video is finalized, we can leverage the assets into a :30 video that is more call-to-action centric for a landing page, or a :15 video for social media or pre-roll ad purposes, etc.
  8. Dedicated Video Strategist –  You will be assigned your own dedicated video strategist to help walk you through the entire production process from script writing to file delivery.
  9. Client Happiness- Roughly 68% of our clients re-order  We’re dedicated to our clients happiness and success which has contributed immensely to our success.  We have over 700 clients because we put the client first.
  10. Our Portfolio –  The proof is always in the portfolio.  See it here:  www.demoflick.com/portfolio
  11. Competitive Pricing- We’re a fraction of the cost of what similar service explainer video providers charge (for custom artwork) and our quality of work is as good or better (as indicated from our clients who have vetted these companies).
  12. Experience –  We are a pioneer in the world of explainer videos.  We started producing video content for websites back in 2007 and have worked with an array of clients from start ups to Fortune 500’s.   We take pride in what we do and feel it comes through in our portfolio and our ratio of client reorders.


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