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Animated Client Testimonial Video – How can it help my brand?

What is an Animated Client Testimonial Video?  It’s a client testimonial video of a satisfied client talking about their experience with your company.  It’s a hot trend in video marketing these days.  Using your client’s positive comments or feedback about your brand to help add credibility and hopefully give that prospect a nudge to sign up or take action.  But, we decided to produce these spots with a twist.  So, Instead of sending our videographers and equipment to a clients’ location and filming them in person we decided to create an animated version of a client testimonial video.   

The first step.  We interview the client over the phone and come up with several really important questions that we feel will crystallize their experience with a brand.   Then we take that interview and produce a custom made animation using the Q & A session.   The result is a truly unique customer testimonial video that is much quicker to produce and super impactful.  

Demoflick has listened and formulated for quite some time the way to effectively deliver “testimonial” video content with animation.  Below is an animated client testimonial video we produced for us “Demoflick”.  We asked one of our clients BURO to give us their opinion on how the video production process went and if there were happy.  We produced a 60-80 second explainer video for BURO.    So what is BURO?  BURO is a mobile app that allows BURO-ers to rent out their unused stuff.   So, we asked the Julian Tafuro from BURO a series of questions.   Then we took that interview and built a unique animated story around it.    We are proud to showcase this new offering which can serve as a true value-add for all companies looking to build trust with prospects or simply show off how amazing their product, service, and the team is! 

Video by: DemoFlick . ENJOY!!  Please share thoughts!

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Erik Kretschmar

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