How to Create Engaging Live Stream Content that Sells

The introduction of Periscope and Meerkat has made it even easier to entertain and engage fans and followers with live stream content. If you want to go beyond mere entertainment and capitalize on this treasure chest of viewers for your business, you have to have a powerful strategy in place. Here are a few powerful tips to help you create engaging live stream content that sells.

The 3 major live stream providers

1. YouTube is player Number One. Combine YouTube and Google+ Hangouts, you can broadcast live lectures, meetings and conversations for free.

2. Meerkat is next on our list, gaining good deal of popularity as a mobile app in just a few weeks. Meerkat allows you to stream videos wherever you are. That being said, Meerkat’s audience is a younger, less business-oriented crowd who is broadcasting and watching with the intent of entertaining and being entertained — not necessarily shopping for the latest products or services.

3. Twitter slowed down the growth of Meerkat when it made an announcement about its app called Periscope. Twitter purchased Periscope for slightly less than $100; the mobile app is a tool that users can use to live stream video and is evidence that Twitter is gearing up to give video greater regard on its social sharing site.

How to use live stream video to increase your reach

Grow your followers with live stream video: You can use live stream events to grow your following of active fans. If you have a few hundred Twitter followers, a live stream video event could boost your numbers by a few hundred more.

Decide what your content will be about: like any other strategy for developing content, you should choose a specific subject for maximum effect. Maybe live broadcasting a quality question and answer session is what your audience craves. Maybe they want to get a VIP glimpse of your live concert. Before you pick a subject for your event, don’t forget to take into account the pain points of your target market, the personality of your brand and the channels you are going to use to disseminate your live content.

Keep trying new stuff: Since live streaming is a unique method, you have a lot of opportunities at your disposal to make a difference. Are you launching a new product? Hosting a big event? Playing in front of thousands of people? Presenting at a conference or trade show? All of these could be great opportunities for you to publish live stream video.

Videos are valuable.

The value of video content will only increase. Create a strategy to use video to engage with your target audience and be consistent about publishing and the value of your business will increase along with it.

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