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Case Study – DemoFlick Video Propels Voicea’s Marketing Campaign

In early 2019, Voicea came to us to produce a video that would outline the features of their Intelligent Assistant app. Endearingly named Eva, the app captures important data from your meetings, take notes, and even flags important key phrases or names. Later, those notes are transcribed by Voicea, and can be reviewed, edited, and shared. With Eva’s assistance, the Voicea platform works with an organization’s existing tools and software to create action items and schedule events and reminders. Following up on important items from a meeting has never been easier. Eva is a unique product with a very broad market. Our challenge was to motivate viewers to sign up for their free trial and experience this easy-to-use and helpful application for themselves. 

We started with a unique one minute and twenty-five-second explainer video to show off Eva’s fabulous features. Voicea already had a design for Eva, something between a flying saucer and a small robot, which we incorporated into the video. Eva, brought to life by animation, is an icon of intelligent assistance, and can fly about the workspace. It’s bold colors draw the viewers’ eyes to this dependable and efficient little helper. And we think she’s really cute!

We also offered Voicea a 20-second spot that can easily be viewed on social media. We simply wrote a condensed version of the script from the previous video, and reused some of the designs to keep our client’s costs down. This teaser video is just enough to reel future clients into the Voicea website where they can learn more and sign up for the free trial.

Over the past year alone, we made six videos for Voicea, including a screencast video, a spot for the Apple Store, and two character-based stories, one of which was created specifically for a marketing presentation with Cisco. The video included scenes representative of how Cisco collaborates as a team. Voicea, also asked us to include scenes representative of Cisco’s collaborative style. They loved the video, and coincidentally, they recently completed an acquisition of Voicea just this fall. Talk about a success story! 

Kharma Jones

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