Explainer Video Highlight: Your Business’ Point of Differentiation

Explainer Video Highlight: Doubletake Offers

Helping users better understand what your business does and how it can help them is one of the keys to a successful explainer video. Here, DoubleTakeOffers.com accomplishes their purpose without a hitch.

DoubleTakeOffers.com helps consumers save money on everyday items and activities; it also helps them
discover active, locally owned stores and merchants. The whole point of the business is to help consumers redefine what a “local deal site” offers.

But, there’s a twist. Merchants are also benefitting from DoubleTakeOffers.com.

DoubleTakeOffers.com and local magazines that they partner will have started an initiative to help local businesses reach new customers using coupons. DoubleTakeOffers.com combines online marketing efforts such as e-Commerce, social media, mobile apps and eMail marketing with the power of direct-mail marketing.

They have created a simple approach and packaged it to help local businesses with acquiring new customers as well as keeping them in the long-term.

Explainer Video Highlight (Continued)

But because the primary function of DoubleTakeOffers.com is to capture and serve the needs of consumers (so it is B2B vs. B2C), the secondary function of the website (serving merchants) would be difficult to convey without creating a completely separate area of the website that focuses on merchants.

This is where using an explainer video is very useful.

Here, DoubleTakeOffers.com uses a How It Works video to explain to local merchants the benefit of using their services; the demo video is seamlessly integrated onto the site and adds their message without convoluting the site’s purpose.

Well placed, DoubleTakeOffers.com!

Business Explainer Video | Clipper Magazine from demoflick on Vimeo.


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