Explainer Video Highlight: Hook Customers for Your SAAS

The Internet was invented to share information, so by its very nature, there are countless articles in practically any category you choose.

But while the main online form of information sharing is the written word, did you know that our brands are wired to detect motion? That may be why the video sharing site YouTube is the second most popular search engine, right under the mammoth Google.

The fact that our brains are hardwired to “watch” and “observe” may be why we will skim through articles and skip over pages of written information, but we will endure some of the dullest videos right to the end.

While it may be true that it’s harder to “lose” website visitors when you have their attention on a video, you still want to capture your audience with your explained video and fully capitalize on this marketing goldmine.

So what makes a plain old explainer video into an amazing one? Better yet, how can you make sure your explainer video helps you hook your customers and incites them to take action?

An awesome explainer video…

1. Informs as well as entertains
2. Evokes emotion in your viewer
3. Influences your viewer to purchase or use your service or product
4. Gets your company or organization “out there” — it makes you visible
5. Explains the W’s: who your (or your company) are, what it does and why your customers should take action




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