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Corporate Video Production – The Five Golden Rules

Corporate Video Production –  So what are the Five Golden Rules to a successful production? 

When creating a corporate explainer video, ensuring you convey your message successfully can be a tricky business. Your corporate video production probably needs to deliver a very specific message to a certain set of people with a particular goal in mind. Whether you want people to invest in a new idea, learn more about your product, or subscribe to your email list, the success of your corporate explainer video will ultimately be determined by the number of sales it generates. No matter for whom you are about to make a corporate explainer video, it has to be well-planned and professionally produced.

Here are the five golden rules of corporate explainer video production.

Understand your corporate video production audience.

If your audience doesn’t feel like you are speaking to their needs or goals, they are going to click away. Period. Get a clear picture of your target audience, their aspirations, and their unmet needs before you begin production; you will more easily tap into their emotional core in the video. You will be able to create and design your message in such a way that it strikes a chord with your target audience. The money-spending habits of most people are based on very emotional decisions, so knowing this will help you create great videos that connect to your audience.

Your video should reflect the core beliefs and values of your target audience.

Find out what drives your audience. How? Read the comments on competitors’ blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instgram, and other social media accounts. Listen to feedback given to you via customer service and emails. Take this information and create a customer “identity,” then cater to that identity with your videos.

Use the show, rather than tell, approach.

This is a powerful age-old writing technique that works across marketing mediums. What better medium than video to make this possible? When people are shown things, rather than told things, they are more likely to remember and connect to it. You can also convey a great deal more information through video than you could through a whole page of text. Well-produced videos are far more likely to be watched the whole way through than a whole page of text is likely to be read. So, get creative with your videos and put your skills to good use.

Well-produced videos make your viewers empathize with you.

Rather than giving dry facts and statistics, compel your viewers to connect with the idea, product, person, or service by focusing on an emotional angle. Press your viewer’s emotional hot buttons and connect with them emotionally; you will be more successful at generating sales than if you publish a fact-driven video. A successful video will be successful at storytelling.

An effective corporate video production will make the customer the focus of attention.

It will be about how you are able to solve the problems of the customer with your idea, product, or service. So rather than talking about yourself or your client in your video, focus on the customers and their unmet needs.

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