Why You Should Be Enhancing Inbound Marketing with Explainer Videos

Enhancing Inbound Marketing with Explainer Videos…Here’s some great tips.

Every business needs customers to thrive. No customers, no business simple as that. Attracting customers is the ultimate goal of every business. So, how do you attract more customers? One trend gaining traction is to enhance your inbound marketing efforts by adding an explainer video. 


What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing places focus on attracting customers with educational, relevant and helpful content. Inbound marketing also focuses on constantly adding value to the customer. A brand or business is found by potential customers through different channels. This useful content provides information and boosts credibility as a thought leader.  If done well it can create trust. 


Let’s break down the stages of inbound marketing.



This is one of the areas where enhancing inbound marketing with explainer videos really pays off. The goal of attraction is to turn strangers into visitors. This is done by creating relevant content to people who are searching for it. Publishing relevant and educational content is a big part of driving traffic to your site. Videos, in particular, are proven to increase traffic and engagement. Social media is another powerful tool where you can use video to engage with your audience.



Now, you want to move people from visitors to leads. The goal here is to get some information from your visitors. Start a chat with new visitors or offer a blog subscription or email list visitors can sign up for. These are two common ways to start the conversion process. Having a video on your homepage increases conversion rates that’s proven. So, this is a win-win. You get the word out about your brand with an explainer video on social media and increase conversions when someone lands on your site.



Now that you have leads, the next stage is to turn them into customers and make a purchase.  You can use many different tools to reach this goal.  Whether it’s a b2b or b2c offering be sure to find the most relevant tools out there and leverage them.  Do an exhaustive search, check reviews, test the platforms and make the decision that’s best for your business.  It’s important to figure out what’s right for your unique situation. 



Happy Customers = Brand Advocates.  This is the most critical step. If you can delight your customers with your product or service, they may advocates for your brand. You want your customers to happily tell the world about you! Word of mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing. Let your customers promote your business and make them excited to be a part of your community.


Wrapping Up

Now you know what it takes to turn total strangers into happy customers with inbound marketing. Are you interested in producing a video for your company to inform visitors? We’re ready to help you enhance inbound marketing with explainer videos. Click here to get a quote.


Here are some examples of conversion videos used within an Inbound Marketing Strategy.


Office Depot used an Explainer Video to promote their Workplace Interiors Brand.


Here’a Motion Graphics Explainer Video we produced for Serro about their Service Now product.








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