Instagram Video Production – Try using an Explainer Video

Instagram Video Production.  Should I use animation or an explainer video?

One of the new marketing trends we are seeing in 2017 is to use short branded animated explainer videos within an Instagram branded video campaign.  These videos are typically under 30 seconds and can be used within Instagram and targeted to a specific demographic or as part of a remarketing campaign.  Below are a few examples of both short b2b & b2c animated explainer videos produced by Demoflick that could be used as a part of an Instagram video production campaign or separately on a landing page.


Here is an example of a larger brand Office Depot using animation as part of a pre roll campaign.  Also great for Instagram video placement.

Here b2b tech examples for our friends over at Soracom:

Lastly, here is a video targeted towards consumers living in and around Manhattan.  MyFreshShirt is a drycleaner delivery service in New York City.  Another great video to use for Instagram.


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Erik Kretschmar

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