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Manufacturing Explainer Videos – Everything You Need to Know

Manufacturing Explainer Videos.  What are they? Let’s face it selling manufacturing products requires a way to stand out from other manufacturing companies and ensure your brand gets remembered. Manufacturing explainer videos showcasing your manufacturing company are a compelling method to achieve this.

But how do you make a lasting impact amongst a sea of manufacturing explainer videos?

What Makes a Great Manufacturing Explainer Video?

A Solid Understanding of Manufacturing and Logistics

Because manufacturing and logistics tend to be complex subject matters, explainer videos are one of the best ways to illustrate value propositions for manufacturing companies.

But in order to pull this off, you need to ensure your animation team has in-depth understanding of the manufacturing world. It’s nearly impossible to accurately animate manufacturing concepts without a clear understanding of this industry!

Custom-Made Illustrations

Many lower-priced explainer video freelancers and companies use generic animation software instead of crafting custom-made illustrations. 

On top of the fact that this style of explainer video is overdone and boring, they cannot accurately represent manufacturing processes. Because every company is different, it’s essential to use custom-made animation to efficiently explain what your company does.

What Are Some Examples of Quality Manufacturing Explainer Videos?

Here are some custom-made manufacturing explainer videos created by Demoflick:

COE Press Equipment

The video starts off by clearly illustrating the value proposition COE has to offer to their clients – innovative products that make your job easier.

To better illustrate this point, dynamic motion graphics are used to showcase specific technology and highlight key benefit words like ‘faster’, ‘precise’, and ‘versatile’.

Every frame is custom-drawn to illustrate the specific solutions COE creates for their clients. This is important to showcase specific mockups, like the dampening cylinder and servo pilot. That’s something pre-made animation tools can’t create!

Industrial Innovations Spra-Rite

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Notice how detailed the very first frames of this video have been animated! To explain the differentiation Sra-Rite brings to the table, it was essential to show the nitty-gritty of the manufacturing process, starting with potential issues their clients may deal with when forming metal.

By visually showing specific pain points, prospects are more likely to connect with Spra-Rite’s explainer video. Because it is custom-made for their target audience, it’s effective for evoking curiosity about their product line.

The rest of the video focuses on explaining their product line using a blend of smooth animation and key words on the screen. Viewers are getting the message in three ways:

  • Through audio communication via the narrator
  • By reading the text
  • By following the animations

No matter what type of communication the prospect prefers, an explainer video like this one covers all grounds.

Creating Compelling Manufacturing Explainer Videos

Manufacturing explainer videos, when done right, can:

  • Draw in prospects by agitating their specific pain points in a visually compelling way
  • Explain your specific solutions and how they can be implemented for your clients
  • Increase brand visibility with social shares

Demoflick does all the heavy lifting to deliver you a custom, high-quality explainer video that showcases your manufacturing business in an authentic and compelling way. All you need to do is fill out a quick creative brief, then sit back as we get to work.

Want your own manufacturing explainer video? Get your personalized quote today.

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