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Medical Explainer Videos…Three Ways to Use Them Effectively

Medical Explainer Videos.  Why do I need one?   Medical companies & healthcare organizations are using explainers videos and animation video for all kinds of uses.  Whether it be patient communication or a value proposition pitch video animation certainly has its place within healthcare.  Below are several examples of medical & healthcare videos that we produced at Demoflick.  We tried to pick a wide variety of examples to show the range of uses.


Sickbay (Medical Informatics Corporation).  Here we explained what Sickbay is how it works and we outlined all the relevant features and benefits.  Enjoy!

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield:  Medicare is a complicated topic and knowing how to use your Anthem plan is imperative for any subscriber.  We produced a whole series of educational videos for Anthem to help their medicare subscribers better understand how to use their plan.  The target market was a bit older, so we even used characters that fit within that age range.


Boston Scientific: (What is Coronary Artery Disease?) –  Educational based content can be very effective in trying communicating to an audience.  This video is geared towards patients living with CAD or Coronary Artery Disease.  It’s meant to be empathetic yet also educational.  We tell the story of a patient living with the disease and we talk specifically how the procedure works.   We even cover post surgery strategies.  Just like all of our video content we did all the heavy lifting which included: Full Scriptwriting, Visual Concept, Design, Custom Illustrations, VoiceOver, Music, & File Formatting & Delivery.


There are many uses within the medical and healthcare space for explainer videos and animation overall.  Whether it’s explaining in detail how a procedure works or walking a viewer through an interface.  Whether it’s a b2b offering or a b2c (patient communication) piece Demoflick can help manage the process using our 10 years of experience producing world-class animations.

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Erik Kretschmar

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