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How to Reach Your Target Audience More of the Time

Learn how to develop content, give value to your audience and partner with YouTube influencers in order to promote your brand. Below are three super tips for you to reach your audience more of the time.

Tip #1: Your Channel, Your Audience and Value Proposition

You need to determine your goals and build a presence on YouTube. Do you want to promote, sell or get exposure? Who is your target audience? What value do you provide to them through your channel? Finally, how are you doing to deliver value using a comprehensive content strategy? The answer to these questions will help you publish the kind of content on your YouTube channel that will earn you loyal fans. For example, if you are a publisher with a teen audience, vlogging may be the best way to communicate with your viewers. On the other hand, if your target audience includes women who are in the neighborhood of 20 years old, publishing content as an expert host (such as a beauty guru), may work better for you.

Tip #2: Work with Creators 

This means creating a plan focused on the viewer and other creators, as opposed to constantly creating videos that are focused on yourself. When it comes to YouTube marketing, the opinion and feedback of your viewers and the way you interact with other video creators is very important.

Many companies are using YouTube creators to help develop their brands. For instance, Sigma Beauty is building their business around powerful online influencers; in other words, they are leveraging other creators to build their brand. More than 64,000 users subscribed to their YouTube channel, but only 120,000 of those subscribers are non-creators — the rest of their subscribers post videos from other channels onto the Sigma Beauty channel playlists. Usually these videos are made by their affiliate program partners or fans.

The hits on the Sigma Beauty affiliate videos were more than 3.5 billion! In February alone, Sigma affiliate videos received about 120 million hits, and 3,500 fresh videos were uploaded on the channel with a Sigma affiliate link.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your YouTube Channel Is Attractive

Viewers should be able to get a clear picture of your channels by just scanning through your YouTube videos. Make sure you are consistent and the views on the videos are real. Also be sure to highlight your most popular videos.

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