Remote Produced Client Testimonial Videos

“Remote” Produced Client Testimonial Videos are interview-style videos that are captured using a video conferencing platform.   A client’s experience is the most powerful tool we have to help in our marketing efforts.  When clients share their experiences it can be very authentic and powerful.    Finding a client that will agree is hard enough but then finding the right crew and location are a whole other issue.  Then your client needs to agree to miss a half day of work while they are being filmed onsite.   Plus whose location is the filming taking place?  Clients or yours?  No there is travel time.

There is a better way.  Remote Produced Client Testimonial Videos are a much more cost-effective and time-saving option.   Avoid the logistics and get remotely produced interview videos. Remove the stress with remote productions.

No crew, no travel, and no logistics. Our team of experts takes care of it all for you.

Option #1:

“Remote Produced” Client Testimonial Videos 

Capture the story of your client’s experience, wherever they are. Remote productions make it easy and convenient for clients to share.

Check out a Remote Produced Client Testimonial Video Now

Option #2:

Executive & Corporate Interview Videos produced remotely.

No matter who you need to interview, from a product launch to an internal video, we can film experts around the world–all in one day.



Erik Kretschmar

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