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Rosco Labs Explainer Video honored as “The Best Explainer Videos” by DesignRush

Great news!  A video design recently produced by Demoflick for Rosco Labs has been honored as one of the best explainer videos according to DesignRush.  In the upcoming article, Demoflick and the Rosco Labs Explainer Video will be mentioned and listed as one of the The Best Explainer Videos and giving recognition to Demoflick as the agency that produced the spot.  We spent a lot of time and effort refining the message and video design for this explainer video.  Turning confusing topics into easy-to-understand videos is one of Demoflick’s specialties and we are proud to see that another highly respected organization caught the attention to detail and effort put into this video.

The video will be listed on DesignRush’s Best Designs page generates which generates more than 50,000 unique visitors per month.

We are excited to see the video design we produced for Rosco Labs will appear on The Best Explainer Videos.

Erik Kretschmar

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