Explainer Video Tips – Using Titles to Help Your Video Get Noticed

One of the most effective ways to attract an audience for your explainer video is giving it a powerful video title. Today I’m going to talk about creating titles for your explainer videos that will capture the attention of shoppers and get them to click.  These explainer video tips can help any marketing professional better optimize their videos.

First, catch their eyes.

Your explainer video title is the first impression viewers have of your video, and your brand. You have probably invested many hours and dollar producing your explainer video; spare some time for your title as well. A strong title combined with an effective thumbnails are the dynamic duo that will attract your audience and make them click.

You title should:

  • Talk about the value of your product
  • Not focus on what the video is about
  • Ignite the emotions of your potential viewers

Here is an example of two titles for the same video. One reads, “How to Secure Your Phone.” The other reads, “How to Prevent Hackers from Hacking Your Phone.”

The second version is a much more click-worthy title, don’t you think?

Second, optimize your video titles for search.

Optimizing your explainer video for search engines like Google and YouTube involves a lot more than slapping a keyword into your title.

Here are some more explainer video tips:

  • Don’t make your titles deceptive. If your video isn’t about Taylor Swift or funny cats, don’t put those words into your title just to get views.
  • Switch up your title technique from time to time to include new yet relevant keywords.
  • Consider including keywords relevant to an event that occurred when you made the video. This could help give your video a boost in Google’s Universal Search.
  • Keep your title less than 100 characters long.
  • Try out all capital letters or some capital letter and some special characters to find out what works for your audience and gets you more views.
  • Magazine headlines are a great place study the art of enticing and catch titles.
  • If you are going to include a number in your explainer video title (i.e. 3 Secrets to Landing In-App Sales), consider using prime and odd numbers when possible; they tent to catch the attention of the viewers more of the time.

Lastly, consider streamlining your process.

If you are part of a coStart your title with the main keywords related to the product you sell, and then include the other keywords or brand name. Besides, make sure the thumbnails shows what the title describes. This practice will get you better click-through rate.

Bonus tips: test your titles.

You can use YouTube TrueView or YouTube Analytics in order to test titles of your best videos. How’s that for great explainer video tips? With TrueView, it is easy to create various ads of the same video with different titles and thumbnails, and the stick to the method that gets you maximum click-through rate.

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