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Video Marketing Boston firm Demoflick offers advice on Video Marketing

Video marketing Boston based firm Demoflick is here to help.  Let’s face it consumers nowadays are more sophisticated. They are smarter and they choose which advertisements are worth their time and attention. Gone are the days when companies could simply bombard consumers with video ads, expecting conversions and clicks.

There is always the temptation to produce low-budget video ads to save money, but at what expense? You should absolutely be creating video content that engages, no, delights your viewers. Every time.

I like to define the four pillars of video marketing Boston based demoflick use  a money word. FUND: Feedback, Utilize Gateways, “N”thrall (Enthrall) and Diversify. Companies that integrate these four pillars into their video production have greater success integrating video into their overall marketing strategies, and are often more successful with their video marketing efforts.

1. Feedback: Listen to what your customers are saying. Listening to online video feedback is one of the fastest and most effective ways to gauge viewers’ acceptance of your service, product or brand. Just the simple act of regularly checking your online video comments and likes will go a long way. Monitoring this information will help you get a better idea as to how to produce your succeeding videos, whether your customers are happy with you and their reason for being fans.

2. Utilize the power of gateways. Social media, email, landing pages, pre-roll ads — these are all gateways where you should be pushing our your video content. Its easier said than done and many companies have a hard time organizing their marketing efforts to effectively capitalize on each of these opportunities. But, when done right, your video will extend its reach across each marketing channel and help convert your leads into sales. Here’s a hint: create a content strategy integrate your videos into it. The increase you see in brand engagement may surprise you.

3. “N”thrall (enthrall) them with  your first impression. Yes, the first few seconds of your video is where you make your money. If the first moments of your video do not enthrall your audience, then do not expect viewers watch it all the way through. Grab them the moment your video plays. Be creative! Use famous faces to attract fans. Or use ordinary people so viewers can relate to your videos. Talk to your audience, not at them. It’s all about the first five seconds, so use them wisely.

4. Diversify. Don’t put all your marketing “eggs” in one video “basket.” Yes, this old adage applies well to online video marketing strategy. If it was difficult to get a video production budget allocated you in the first place, it may be very tempting for to put all of your creative ideas together and create one costly video ad. Your goal is a sustainable marketing success, not a one-time blockbuster. Spread out your amazing ideas by creating (again) a content strategy. Try creating a series of videos with one underlying theme and then release them periodically – maybe once per week. Keep your customers talking and engaging will keep your brand top-of-mind.

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