Live Action Client Testimonials – Video Production Process

Video Production Process – Live Action Client Testimonial Video

Step 1:  Pre Production Call with Client to discuss Shot List, Location, Possible Shoot Dates, Style & Project Scope.

Step 2: Location Scout –  Typically (but not always) we will send a production member to the location of the video shoot so we have a good understanding of the setting and can plan for any potential audio or lighting challenges in advance.

Step 3:  Script & Shot List Discussion –  Next we discuss a potential Shot List and get a good understanding of what we will be discussing and what questions we will be asking the day of the shoot.

Step 4:  Finalize Interview Questions & Shot List-   Finalize who the interviewees will be and confirm they comfortable on camera talking about the subject matter.  Finalize the interview questions prior to the date of production.

Step 5:  Day of Production –  Our team arrives early for set up and plan for the day’s production.  Depending on the scope of the project our team will stay and film the interviewees using an HD Camera (typically 4K).  Also, we typically have a Director on site who asks the questions and directs the interviews.  His or her job is to make them feel comfortable so often times we do a few warm up questions first so he/she can gauge how comfortable the interviewee is on camera.   Also, our team will walk around the office or facility and look for b-roll opportunities.  This is where our creative team shines.  Once all the interviews have taken place we wrap up and pack up our equipment.

Step 6: Video Editing –  Next it’s on to video editing.  We will typically put together a rough cut and present it to the client for review and comments.  This part is collaborative in nature and we want client feedback.   Once the video is completed and approved.  We then will send the video over on a link for download.

Step 7 –  Happy Customer!






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