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Health & Fitness related Explainer Video

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for the fountain of youth and it’s either a myth at this point or it will never be found. So, in an effort to maintain youth, flexibility is key as you age. Our friends over at Healthways developed a solution called Silver Sneakers Fitness that in short, keeps you flexible as you get older. Our job was straightforward: first, the video was introducing this new solution and next, create level of engagement and excitement that drove conversions. An obstacle that we had to overcome was producing characters that fit the 65 and over – this had to be done with characters that were relatable to this age group. Our creative team was determined after days of collaboration with the client that the character exercising in various poses to help provide a snapshot into how the Silver Sneakers Exercise Program works. The campaign was a success, another success story that we as a team cherish.

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