We produce customized animated explainer videos for businesses from Startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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  • Company Overview Video

    Industry: Technology

    Animated Brand Video 

    An Explainer Video can take many forms. In this video we used a modern character style blended with Motion Graphics and stylized screenshots of UI platform to come up with a beautiful yet engaging animation that helps tell Quantum Metric’s unique story. 

  • Explainer Video with Motion Graphics

    Industry: Tech

    Client: BitSight

    CyberSecurity Explainer Video

    Complicated offering? Visitors often left confused? Yeah, we hear that very often. We quickly learned this through creative discussions with our friends over at BitSight. Our team confidently jumped in and assured the client that we’ve been solving these same client problems for over 11 years. With that said, we whipped the video viewer into shape with an impactful animated explainer video that accomplished exactly what the client was hoping to achieve. Fast forward to nowadays, the video viewer now leaves their site with a full understanding of their offering and is more likely the video converted them to a client. 

  • B2b Explainer Video

    Industry: Small Business
    Client: TrulySmall

    Running a truly small business is sort of like planting a seed. To help it grow, all you need are a few key tools – not everything in the shed.
    In fact, sometimes too many tools can just get in the way.  An explainer video that outlines all the key features and benefits for any small business is essential. 

  • Educational Video Content

    Industry: Finance/Banking
    Client: Cabot Technologies

    A motion graphics explainer video we produced for Cabot Investment Technology. Cabot helps investment professionals improve portfolio results. We handled all the heavy lifting for this project. Every order includes Script, Concept, Storyboard, Professional Voiceover, Custom Illustrations, Animation, Design, and a Dedicated Production Coordinator.

  • Explainer Video

    Industry: Technology
    Client: WhiteOps

    Software Explainer Video Using Motion Graphics & Stylized Screenshots

    Often times the main character in a story is a bot and sometimes it’s a software.   In this explainer video we used proven story telling techniques and strong visuals to tell the story.

  • Tech Retail

    Industry: Retail/Tech

    Client: Covectra

    We produced this technology related explainer video for our client Covectra  Their offering helps retails fight counterfeiting on popular products like handbags and watches.  They do this through their amazing technology called StellaGuard. We custom illustrates all the assets and blended them with an interesting story. 

  • Explainer Video

    Industry: Technology
    Client: AutoCrit

    Software Explainer Video Using Motion Graphics & Stylized Screenshots

    Sometimes the main character in a story is a human and sometimes it’s a software.  That was our challenge…how do we create a story that an editor or author can understand and not be bored by while also educating them on the value proposition of AutoCrit.   

  • Educational Explainer Video

    Industry: Supply Chain

    Client: DMW&H

    Motion Graphics Brand Video

    Distribution, Manufacturing, Supply Chain may seem boring to others, but to us they are opportunities to create amazing animations that really tell a large scale story.  


    Industry: Technology

    Company Overview Video 

    Any time we get to illustrate and animate a robot our team is usually in a good mood.  We produced this company overview video for Instana.  We used custom illustrate graphics coupled with proven storytelling techniques.  The result is motion graphics video that’s both easy to understand and informative.


    Industry: Technology

    Tech Motion Graphics Explainer Video 

    Communicating a complicated message can be difficult, which is why KickFire turned to us to help them with a series of Explainer Videos.  We took their complicated message and turned it into a breezy easy to understand story 

  • Mobile App Demo w/ Live Action Footage 

    Industry: Consumer

    Client: Registria

    Mobile App Demo w/ Live Action Video

    In this video we blended stock video w/ mobile app screenshots to produce an instructional video that touches on all the key features and benefits while at the same time explaining its key value proposition. 

  • Animated Explainer Video

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Client: Toyota

    The Toyota Way Animation 

    Animating “The Toyota Way” was an exciting challenge for us because we had to not only explain the history of Toyota but also illustrate their vehicles, dealerships, and factory floor in a way that was authentic and believable.  We had to respect the past but keep the viewer excited about the future.   Did we do it?  

  • Live Action Explainer Video

    Industry: HR Management

    Client: Elements Global Services

    Live Action Explainer Video

    Live Action Explainers Videos are a super effective way to stand out from the competition.  They include a full production, scouting, location, actors, 4K video, Lighting, the works!  Plus amazing graphic overlays.  

  • Animated Brand Video w/ Screenshots

    Industry: Technology

    Client ElectrifAi

    Animated Brand Video w/ Screencast 

    In this project we contracted a specific production offering called ContractAi and used screenshots to show specifically “how it works”.  So, this video is part motion graphics and part screencast video.  

  • Animated Explainer Video 

    Industry: Technology

    Client: Voicera

    What is Voicera?  How does it work? 

    Wow!  What an amazing product.  It’s really something that every business should have as a part of their toolkit.  In this b2b tech explainer video we blended sketch style characters and motion graphic elements.  The result is a clean yet fun animation that educates the viewer on a high level about the Voicera solution.  Enjoy! 

  • Mobile App Demo Video

    Industry: Technology

    Client: Twine by John Hancock

    Mobile App Demo Video

    A mobile app demo video for Twine by John Hancock.  We used app screenshots w/ motion graphics to show how Twine works and highlight key features and benefits.  

  • Motion Graphics Animation

    Industry: Technology
    Client: Serro

    Motion Graphics Video Explaining How SERRO works.

    Clean lines, shapes, icons, graphs can all add up to an effective and engaging video if it’s done the right way.  We produced this spot for SERRO to help better explain their overarching value proposition.  

  • Animated Graphics

    Industry: Technology
    Client: Semantic Ai

    Motion Graphics Screencast Video

    Icon, motions graphics, electronic music all points to tech.  It’s a sector we have a lot of experience in!  A complicated story told through the lense of animated graphics makes for a beautiful but technical animation.  The assumption with this piece is the viewer already has an understanding of the subject matter.  Animated Graphics videos are very effective when telling a story. Notice how the scenes all connect to each other

  • Animated Screencast Video

    Industry: Technology
    Client: Healthcare

    How to use IRCODER 

    Animation doesn’t need alway be junked up with over the top graphics. Simple storytelling always prevails. We produced this motion graphics video for IRCODER from Boston Scientific as part of a series.   The goal was to not only explain what IRCODER is but how it works.  Enjoy!


    Client: Industrial Innovations
    Industry: Manufacturing

    Custom Made Explainer Video

    We produced this explainer video for Spra-rite from Industrial Innovations.   It consists of custom graphics that allows for maximum authenticity.  Notice each machine and the level of detail that was chosen.  The result is a final product that is both accurate and engaging.  Enjoy!

  • Animated Screencast

    Industry: Technology
    Client: Imagely

    Animated Screencast Showcasing New Features

    We produced this stylized screencast for our friends over at Imagely.  We decided the best way to approach to showcasing new features would be to use stylized screenshots.  These are screenshots that we produced but made to look like the originals.  The benefits: Stay Fresh, Flexibility, Graphically Appealing. 


  • Animated Explainer Video

    Industry: Hospitality
    Client: Sterno

    Sterno Butane Canisters – Safety Explainer Video

    Animation is a great tool for any safety video.  Sterno contacted us to show off some of the safety features on their Butane Canisters.  We blew it up…but safely with this gem.  Enjoy!  

  • Animated Explainer Video

    Industry: Legal
    Client: LegalZoom

    LegalZoom _ What is a Registered Agent?

    Selling products is more then just featues and benefits.  Sometimes you need to educate the consumer on how the details of an offering.  That’s what we did with this Animated Explainer Video we produced for LegalZoom.  It’s all about how their registered agent program works.  The key is to explain how the program works in very simple and easy to understand terms.  Plus keep them engaged with an interesting and humorous story.   Enjoy!

  • Explainer Video w/ Characters

    Industry: Healthcare

    Client: Ensemble Health Partners

    Character based explainer videos have been around since 2012.  We know because we were one of the first companies to produce them.  Since then we have seen a real progression in the illustrative style of these videos.  In this video we used custom made illustrations & a fun approach to serious subject matter.  

  • Mobile App Demo Video

    Industry: Retail

    Client: Twine by John Hancock

    We produced this mobile app demo video for Twine by John Hancock.  They were apart of a whole series of app demos that we produced for them.  We took a lighthearted approach while still digging in on the key features.  

  • SAAS Explainer Video

    Industry: Technology

    Client: Blueprint Storyteller

    What is BluePrint Storyteller?  

    Check out this SAAS Product Management Explainer Video we produced for BluePrint.  In this video we explained how Blueprint automates business IT alignment across teams.  We used motion graphics and slick stylized screenshots to tell the story.  Enjoy! 

  • Mobile App Demo

    Industry: Finance
    Client: FICO

    Mobile App Demo Video – MyFICO

    Informative, Educational, & Engaging.  Mobile App Demo Videos can be an extremely effective tool for any app owner to give the visitor a quick snapshot into how an app works and further help lay out all the features and benefits.  These videos can even be used in the app store as an app preview video.

  • Screencast Video using Styled Screenshots

    Industry: Technology

    Client: MarlinNet

    An explainer video can take many forms. In this explainer video we used fully styled screenshots.  That means, we took the client’s actual screenshots and illustrated them to look similar but that allowed us to break them apart and put them back together in a way that not only informs the viewers but also highlights all the key features and benefits. 

  • Linkedin Ad (30 Seconds)

    Industry: HR/Tech

    Client: Adaptive

    The Demoflick team had a super fun time building this custom animated explainer video we produced for Adaptive by Geigsen.  This is actually a trimmed down version.  The original was 90 seconds in length.  This version is used for LinkedIn & soica media.  The design and animation came out beautifully! The voice is casual but relatable. Watch and you’ll surely enjoy!

  • Animated Explainer Video

    Industry: Technology
    Client: LiveHive

    How to Drive more Sales using LiveHive – Explainer Video 

    LiveHive gives total control of your sales process.  In this explainer video we used bikes and staying “ahead of the pack” as a metaphor.  Any time our illustrators get to draw up bicycles they are happy campers.  Creative yes, Fun – yes! –  Impactful – YES!!!


    Industry: Manufacturing
    Client: COE

    Manufacturing Video Infographic – Who is COE?

    A video infographic helping explain COE’s value proposition.   In this video we produced illustration based on actual machinery so it’s super authentic.

  • Live Action Client Testimonial Videos

    Industry: Healthcare

    Client: Anthem Healthcare

    Live Action Client Testimonial Videos are a great tool for any company to help add immediate credibility to their brand or help tell their story. We produced this video for Anthem Healthcare.  It was filmed in two locations in different parts of the country.  No matter where you ware in the continental US we can help.  

  • Motion Graphics Video

    Industry: Technology
    Client: TwineSocial

    Animated Explainer Video 

    Twine Social approached us with a very simple request.  Produce a motion graphics video that explains their value proposition in easy to understand terms and highlight our unique platform. We used this challenge to produce a beautifully abstract but surprisingly clear animated video. 

  • Screencast Videos

    Industry: Technology
    Client: Voicea

    Screencast Video (How It Works Video)

    We produced this screencast video for Voicea to help show a specific feature of their platform (How to Schedule a Meeting).  Just like all our screencast videos we do all the heavy lifting including scriptwriting, voiceover, video editing and more.  The result is a super useful and ultra professional video that helps viewers better understand how to use a platform or app. 

  • Animated Explainer Video

    Industry: Technology
    Client: CEI

    Engineering Explainer Video – CEI

    Engineering software and a swimming cat?  Some may thing it’s a scattered brain move to weave both of these two topics together.  Not us!  Somehow it works and relates to the offering.  A highly technical offering can be fun…we proved it with this explainer video about ProWrite from CEI.   Enjoy!

  • Educational Explainer Video

    Industry: Engineering

    Client: Omega Engineering

    What is Pressure? Explainer Video

    You might think that explaining how pressure works is a boring topic.  But, when you add in rock stars like David Bowie, Queen, and Vanilla Ice it gets all cool cool baby.  Sorry! 

    In all seriousness, we started with a fun opening then got down to business in explaining the formulas for how pressure works.  It’s fun yet very educational.  Enjoy! 

  • Explainer Video with Stylized Screenshots

    Industry: Technology
    Client: DesignManager

    How to Use DesignManager Software using Stylized Screenshots

    DesignManager was created so that designers CAN design, not worry about software.  In this Explainer Video we focused a lot of illustrating animated screenshots that looked authentic and was visually appealing.  

  • Animated Graphics

    Industry: Technology
    Client: Anaplan

    We blended stylize screenshots and motion graphics in this explainer video.  We spent a lot of time recreating the screenshots so they were animation friendly.  We essentially restylized their entire software to fit into the animated world.   This gives the viewer a better understanding of key points of emphasis.  It’s intuitive, education, and a little bit fun.

  • Motion Graphics Animation

    Industry: Staffing
    Client: Elements Global


    Explainer – How to Expand & Hire Globally

    We produced this motion graphics explainer to help Elements Global explain their value proposition as it relates to Direct vs. InDirect hiring.  We did this simply yet effectively through using an effective storytelling & beautiful motion graphics.  

  • Live Action Brand Video

    Industry: Healthcare

    Client: Smart Health Pay Card

    A live action brand video is a great way to advertise your brand’s unique features and benefits.  In this video we blended stock video, motion graphics, and screenshots to help tell Smart Health Pay Card’s story. 

  • Live Action Stock Videos

    Industry: Healthcare

    Client: SickBay

    The video really says it all. The client wanted a level of
    empathy, seriousness, reality and compassion in this video. It’s a sobering topic and we felt a strong sense of respect to all those who have lost loved ones.  We are proud of our work on this project, but more importantly our client was thrilled with the overall execution. Give it a watch!

  • Explainer Video 

    Industry: Technology

    Client: TigerPaw Software

    Software Explainer – Animated Screenshots

     TigerPaw Software asked us to build an explainer video to give their audience a better understanding of their key features and benefits.  The messaging included the ability to satisfy the customer through rapid delivery of valuable software. We understood their message because we’ve built hundreds of SaaS videos, but also because we too deliver explainer video products that prioritize quality without sacrificing the need for speed.

  • Screencast Video

    Industry: Tech

    Client: CollabNet

    Screencast videos are an effective and affordable tool for any business that needs to show how a platform, app or interface works in detail.  We write the script, voice it, and put it all together all you have to do is provide the screenshots.  

  • Explainer Video with Characters

    Industry: Retail/Environmental

    Client: Green Purchasing Group

    Over the years we’ve learned that a common challenge many company’s face is talking about their own product or service in a way that outsiders (prospects) understand. Doing so in a simple and engaging way is one of the crucial challenges companies face in communicating their story – while the explanation makes perfect sense to the company employee, the story can be very confusing to whomever is trying to make sense of what is being said. Here in was the problem for GPG. Our copywriting team was able to build a compelling script that took pages of content and converted into a 60-80 second video spot. 

  • Explainer Videos with Characters

    Industry: Technology

    Client: CEI

    Engineering Explainer Video

    We take a serious approach to a fun product. We excel at producing animated spots for complicated products. CEI was no exception. We were under pressure on this animated explainer video (Pun Intended). But, we feel we came through with a real winner. It has strong messaging, relatable fun characters, interesting visuals, and a lot of attention to the details.

  • Screencast/Platform Demo

    Industry: FinTech

    Client: Cabot Investment Technology

    Platform Demo/Screencast Video 

    Have a boring demo that is not engaging or effective?  Cut down on question and confusion with a Screencast Video.  We handle all the heavy lifting including Script, High Res Capturing, VoiceOver, Motion Graphics & Animation.  We produced this beauty for Cabot Investment Technology as part of a whole series. 

  • Mobile App Demo

    Industry: Consumer
    Client: AHA Mobile App

    How to use the AHA Mobile App. 

    We produced this Mobile App Demo for AHA.  The goal of this video was to inform the user how to use the AHA Mobile App.  It’s intentionally crafted in a manner that allows the user to easily follow the steps for installing the app and using it.   

  • Live Action Client Testimonial Video

    Industry: Technology
    Client: CloudLeaf

    Live Action Client Testimonial Video

    Client Testimonial Videos can help any company add immediate credibility to their website and should be a part of any video strategy.  The team at Demoflick are experts in both animation, motion graphics, and live action.  

  • Website Screencast Video

    Industry: Retail

    Client: Office Depot

    Website ScreenCast Video (How it Works)

    We produced this Website Screencast Video to showcase how to order with Office Depot.  It’s a screencast video but also touches on features and benefits. 

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