SAAS Explainer Video with Dialogue – B2B!

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SAAS Explainer Video with Dialogue – B2B!

The intro of this video makes most people chuckle, and that’s actually a good thing because it effects engagement. Datahug gave the Demoflick team some creative freedom and our expertise shines here, as the video has a touch of humor, clearly communicates the problem and the solution, talks through features and how it works and closes with that all too important call-to action. Let’s call it as it is, CRM’s are not the most interesting of subjects unless the features are clearly communicated to a sales team and thus the sales team see’s value in the platform. This video was successful because we used a comical aspect to the sometimes dull topic of CRM’s, and told DataHug’s story in a way that would connect with the viewer/sales team in a way that focused on the true value Datahug’s service can offer them.

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