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  • Explainer videos are highly effective for retail. Just watch Office Depot’s explainer video for retail to see how it can make a message fun, informative and engaging. The characters are unique, the message is spot on and the music and voiceover complement Office Depot’s brand voice perfectly. In just under 90 seconds Office Depot’s explainer video introduces its exciting new services to viewers in a way that says customers matter.

  • BAI Learning and Development is a learning management platform that helps companies track the compliance training and progress of their employees. Using an explainer video to simplify the company’s message works particularly well because of the platform’s complex and detailed features and benefits. Rather than using characters, we focused on telling BAI Learning and Development’s story through motion design techniques and animated graphics.

  • This software explainer video is one part techie and two parts fun. Hip characters, background music with an indie vibe and a fresh, modern approach make this explainer video an excellent way for Alpha Anywhere to speak to its target audience. Part of what makesx this video so successful is the artistic choice to keep the background imagery clean and crisp, and the brand’s message detailed yet simple.

  • Just because a product or service is techie doesn’t mean the brand’s message has to be. An explainer video is a great way to simplify your message so that your tech product or service is put into language that the masses can understand. Watch this explainer video for tech to see how fun maps, slick characters and a powerful message can help engage viewers and tell a tech brand’s story.

  • Who says measuring learning outcomes has to be boring? This explainer video for QuestionMark is a great example of how a B2B explainer video can take a normally dry topic flavorful without convoluting the message. The choice to use stick figures keep the characters neutral. Coupling a professional yet modern voice with music that is intentionally fun creates an audio-visual experience that gets the message across while keeping the video lighthearted.

  • Talking about your own product in a way that outsiders understand is one of the biggest challenges of marketing, especially if you are working against the clock. Once website visitors land on your page you only have a few seconds to catch their attention and that’s our specialty. So when Symform asked us to create an animated explainer video for their website that explains how they pay their customers in bytes, we jumped at the challenge.

  • Agile. Scrum. These might be words you are unfamiliar with. That’s where we come in. HP Agile Manager asked us to explain how the principles of Agile apply to their SaaS while keeping their core message in tact: satisfy the customer through rapid delivery of valuable software. We understand their message because we too deliver products that prioritize quality without sacrificing the need for speed.

  • Explainer videos for online publishers like MIT Sloan Management Review have to be fun while illustrating how their business model will help make the viewer’s life easier. This business explainer video uses a conversational voiceover and couples it with sketch-style characters to get their message across in a relatable yet professional manner.

  • Just because your explainer video illustrates how your product or service works doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be an elevator pitch, too. This video for DataHug takes a very lighthearted approach to a subject that resonates with a lot of corporate sales executives. While CRMs are not the most interesting of subjects unless you are talking to a sales team, we brought pizzaz to the topic and told DataHug’s story in a way that would connect with the viewer.


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