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  • Check out this recent retail explainer video we completed for Office Depot. It’s fun, informative, and engaging. The characters are unique, the message was spot on, and the music and voice were a great fit. The goal was to inform viewers of these new and exciting features that office depot launched. They chose an explainer video cause they felt it would be the most informative way to tell the story. We agreed! Enjoy!

  • We produced this B2b Training video for BAI Learning & Development. Compliance can be very complex so using motion design techniques to explain it was a natural fit. We didn’t use a characters in this video, rather we focused on telling the story through animated graphics.

  • A Software Explainer Video- One part techie two parts fun. We took a clean and modern approach to this project. The characters are meant to be hip and speak to their audience. The background and imagery is clean and crisp. The message is detailed and explanatory in nature. The music has an indie vibe and speak to the audience. Enjoy!

  • So what is GeoSpatial Data anyway? Well watch this Tech Explainer Video and learn all about it in very easy to understand terms. We used really fun maps, slick characters, a strong explainer message, and engaging voice to tell our client’s story.

  • Who says measuring learning outcomes has to be difficult. We produced this b2b video for our client QuestionMark. We used stick figures which offer a very neutral character option. The voice was professional yet modern and the music was intentionally fun. We used a lot of animated imagery to help explain key component of this program. Enjoy!

  • Our latest website animation video was for a company called Symform. It’s a crowd-sourced cloud storage play. They offer a very cool service that allows payment with bytes instead of bucks. So, the challenge we had was to tell the story in a way that made the viewers say “wow” I get it. The animation was fun yet professional and the voice was a perfect fit for the project.

  • In this agile tech explainer video. You will learn how your agile team cuts thru backlog to deliver software crazy fast. Learn how the principles of Agile apply. And how to satisfy the customer through rapid delivery of valuable software.That’s right. Agile is not just about moving fast. It’s also about improving quality and user satisfaction and that’s exactly what we did for HP on this video. Delivered a value video product crazy fast that also cut through any confusion.

  • We produced this explainer video for MIT Sloan Management Review. We took a fun approach in how we explained all the useful information that’s included with their very impressive pub. The character was sketch style and the voice was conversational yet professional.

  • Yes, we can add voices to our characters! In this explainer video we produced for DataHug. We took a very light hearted approach to a subject that resonates with a lot of corporate sales executives. CRM’s are not the most interesting of subjects unless you are talking to a sales team…we had fun with it but certainly told a story that resonated with the viewer. Enjoy!


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