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Medical Video Production – 5 Creative Ways to Use Video

Medical Video Production –

There are many industries that benefit from using animation and explainer videos. Are explainer videos a good investment for healthcare companies? We’re seeing medical video production shift and more companies are going this route. An animated video is a great tool for improving processes, training or marketing.

Why should you use explainer videos for your medical video production project? These videos can play so many roles in your business. You can use them to guide patients and employees through complex ideas or to establish a brand. Videos are powerful. They can help you communicate effectively and leave a lasting impression.


Here are a few areas where medical video production and explainer videos can enhance your healthcare business:


Patient Communication

Communicate with patients in a way that’s easy to understand and informative. Explainer videos can be used to break down a specific ailment, procedure or talk about steps in the recovery process. This helps the professional and the patient by making these conversations less stressful.  It also helps clear up any confusion the patient might have regarding a specific diagnosis.


Overviews & Value Proposition

Need a unique way to explain what makes your hospital or healthcare company different? An animated video is a perfect way to stand out. It can give your brand personality and detail what’s unique about your company or facility. It’s an opportunity to tell patients how you’ll provide more value and expertise than anyone else. It allows you to differentiate the ways that you stand out from the competition.


Employee Training

Use explainer videos to train and educate employees on specific procedures to follow. Corporate training is a great use of animation and explainer videos across the board. These videos can be used for workplace safety, HIPPA, workplace compliance, diversity training, harassment training, and more. They make the training process more efficient and engaging.


Medical Animation

Detail medical animation by showing high-resolution close-ups of medical procedures. This takes the mystery out of the way complicated procedures work. Medical animation can be especially helpful if the procedure is exclusive to your practice or facility.


The videos below are examples of what we’ve created for our healthcare clients:


Anthem Blue Cross Healthcare – Welcome Video:


CHUBB Insurance – What is Critical Care Insurance?


Abbott Labs – Diabetes Explainer Video


Qure Healthcare –  General Explainer Video


Watershed Healthcare – Educational Explainer Video: What happens to your body during a heart attack?


Wrapping Up

Do you need healthcare training videos or help with another medical video production project? We can help. At Demoflick, we combine strong messaging, interesting talent, beautiful illustration, and thoughtful animation. We create clear and memorable content for your company. Learn more here.


See more work on our Vimeo Page.


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