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Live Stream Video for Business. Is it the right move?

Live Stream Video for Business.  Is it worth exploring?

Living streaming is the act of encoding, transmitting or distributing videos in real-time to viewers. Many businesses use live streaming to host masterminds, Q&As and even live seminars. Live streaming has become so accessible that whether they are on Macs or PCs or even mobile device, there is likely a supported software available to your prospective viewers so they can view your videos without any compatibility issues.

Live streaming offers a host of advantages to video marketers looking for ways to build their audience. On the flip side, although live streaming is much more accessible than it was even a few years ago it still comes with some challenges.

Let’s look at some of the benefits and challenges of live streaming so you can host a live streaming event with a few hiccoughs as possible.

Benefits of live stream videos for brand promotion

  • Live-streamed videos are much more engaging than recorded videos
  • Live-streaming allows you reach out to a live audience and interact with them on a personal level
  • You have a high level of control over your message
  • Live-streamed videos offer longer view-time as compared to on-demand videos
  • With Google Hangouts on Air, you can easily allow your audience share the video content
  • While the live-streaming is on, you can check real-time statistics in order to determine your video/event performance

There are quite a live-streaming software options available to you, including XSplit, Livestream Studio and Open Broadcaster and Telestream’s Wirecast. But if you want to save your pennies and use a free web-based solution with a huge reach, we recommend you use Hangout on Air by YouTube. Other options to consider include apps offered by Upstream and Livestream. If budget is not an issue for you, there are a lot of other high-end solutions for use.

Challenges of live-streaming video

Like we mentioned before, live-streaming your video is not a bed of roses.

There are all types of companies and brands out there; you have to figure out the receptivity and access that your target customers or clients have to this sort of content. Your company has its own target audience and making the decision to live stream video requires a good deal of consideration. Some audiences and demographics simply do not take to webcasting as well as others, and some audiences do not have the technology available to them in order to have a successful live-stream experience. Before deciding to host a live webcast event, consider these factors.

  • Does your audience have reliable Internet access?
  • What kind of device will they likely use to attend your live-stream event?
  • Does your audience have the bandwidth to support attending a live-stream event?
  • Will your audience actually benefit from a live-stream event?
  • Do you have the budget to host a live-stream event?
  • What type of platform will you use?

The takeaway: Just because a live streaming video is convenient and effective for some businesses, it may not be the best way to promote your brand right now. If you are planning to offer live-streaming content to your audience, make sure you give serious consideration to all the challenges mentioned above so you can create a plan of attack that will work for you.

Here are some examples of authentically crafted pre-produced videos.

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