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Supercharge Your Animated Explainer Video

How to Supercharge Your Animated Explainer Video?  The answer: there are many ways.

To be certain that your animated explainer video stands out from the Internet clutter, use these marketing and SEO strategies to give your animated explainer video a boost.

1. Create a campaign around your animated explainer video. You have a greater chance of being noticed, achieving greater exposure and reach when you create a campaign around your animated explainer video. Write a few blog posts or articles, use your social media platforms to promote your video and get views and share your video with industry experts. In addition to creating buzz around your video, you will build your brand voice and identity as your animated explainer is released. Push it out on social media.  LinkedIn now has a video network so you can pay for eyeballs or consider making a shorter 15-second version to use for PreRoll or on social.

2. Always, always include a call to action. Think of your animated explainer video as a billboard for your company. It needs to include a directional (your website URL, phone number or contact information) and a call to action. Don’t leave your viewers wondering what to do next after watching your video. Confused? Here are a few calls to action that work well.

  • Intrigued? Visit our website at [URL].
  • Sign up for our newsletter at [URL].
  • Leave a comment at [URL].
  • Visit our blog at [URL].
  • Call [phone number] today.
  • Email us at .
  • Contact us.
  • Join the conversation at [your URL].

3. Forget the hard sales pitch. A great animated explainer video should create a relationship with your viewer — not be a commercial for your product. There is already a ton of clutter and advertising inundating us every day on the web; you want to rise above this. The best use of an animated explainer video is to provide fun, entertaining, useful and MEMORABLE information for the viewer so that you are top of mind when they want to make a purchase.

  • Identify a problem.
  • Discuss your solution.
  • Give the viewer an opportunity to make a purchase or learn more.

When you combine these three components, your animated explainer video will attract viewers who are interested in your service or product.

Keyword Techniques for Animated Explainer Videos

There is a ton of information online surrounding keyword research and strategies but only some of it pertains specifically to video. Here are some basic SEO and keyword techniques to pay attention to as you produce and market your animated explainers.

Use the Google Keyword Planner and the YouTube search bar to find keywords and key phrases that people are searching for.

When uploading your animated explainer video to YouTube, use relevant keywords in the description, title, and tags. Remember, you have a 500-character limit for the tag area; use the whole area and put the most relevant and searched tags at the beginning.

When you embed your video on your website, be sure to include a video sitemap for your website and use the articles on your website as a map to help Google understand what your videos are about.

Need a supercharged animated explainer video? Check out our portfolio of animated explainers and give us a call.

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