Three Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Channel For Better Ranking

It goes without saying, if you want your video content to be discovered on the world’s largest video sharing site, it needs to be optimized for search. YouTube’s search algorithm is based on hundreds of search points, but don’t feel overwhelmed. There are three key places where you can leverage keywords to increase your chance of ranking well in YouTube’s search results.

#1 Update your channel title.

The title of your YouTube channel should be related to the name of your company, business, brand or individual and if possible, your title should include keywords that are relevant to your industry, company, brand or business. For example, suppose you sell automobiles and you publish relevant videos on your channel. Make sure the title of your channel contains keywords that are related to the automobile industry while making sure your channel title looks natural and relevant.

#2 Update your channel description.

You can update your channel description in your channel’s About section. Include detailed information about your channel that is simple, relevant and genuine. Try not to “stuff” your channel description with keywords. The first sentence of your channel description is probably the most important sentence on your YouTube channel because it is what shows up in Google’s search results in the snippet section. So, do your best to make the first line of the description as compelling as possible.

#3 Update your channel keywords.

To updated your channel keywords, go to Channel Settings > Advanced > Channel Keywords. First, input the most important/main keyword and then input secondary keywords. Unlike the keywords used for videos, your channel keywords should to be separated by a space. So, if you need to use a phrase put it in quotations, for example “video marketing.” Also remember, it is important that you use a combination of general as well as specific keywords.

Remember: your channel represents your business or your personality so be smart and optimize your channel the right way.

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